How to Plan a Beach Party

As residents of Treasure Island, with the ocean as our front yard, it’s only natural that we know how to plan the ultimate party on the beach. Almost everyone has dreamed of throwing a beach bash at some point, as the weather, backdrop and promise of laid-back fun make for an irresistible fantasy – perhaps the reason for beaches as a popular wedding locale. Why not make your dream a reality? Follow these tips from the experts at Page Terrace and you’ll have your toes dug in the sand and a pina colada in hand in no time.

  1. Research your beach. Not just any beach will do – while you want your location to be accessible to your guests, you also need it to be sufficiently far away from others so as to be polite neighbors. Your beach should also ideally be close to bathroom facilities and parking. You may need a permit to use the beach, in which case researching well in advance will certainly aid your party efforts. Make sure your beach can accommodate the number of people you’d like to invite…in both high AND low tides.
  2. Check with local regulations. Before you plan your party, be sure to contact the appropriate resources or authorities to ensure that all aspects of your event are fully legal – nothing ruins a party like a fine! Glass bottles and open-air fires may be illegal, depending on your location, and if you want to include these or other aspects, you will need to find a beach that allows them.
  3. Plan food and activities well in advance. One you’re at your beach spot, you’re there; unless you’re lucky, there probably won’t be a supermarket within walking distance to keep loading up on food and supplies. Make sure to get a final head count as close before the event as possible, and either buy or borrow the appropriate number of coolers in which to keep your supply. Stake out a reliable ice supplier well in advance, as – especially in hot weather – you’ll need plenty of that.
  4. Prepare to keep your guests comfortable. What you’ll need to do this will depend on the time of day. Daytime beach party? Keep the sunscreen and liquids flowing freely and consider renting shade, such as umbrellas or even gazebos. The plus side of a mid-day party is that you’re also able to easily provide activities, such as beach volleyball, to keep guests entertained.Night-time parties are likely calmer by nature, as a lack of artificial light (unless you’re near a boardwalk or other well-lit area) makes it harder to enjoy certain activities, like sports. However, bonfires (if permitted), s’mores and other campfire foods, and instruments make for an excellent get-together, and you don’t need to worry about providing much by the way of shade.
  5. Organize a clean-up crew. It’s not just disrespectful to others to not clean up after your beach party, but it’s also illegal and could incur huge littering fines. Whether or not your name is on a beach-use permit, organize a clean-up crew and plan far in advance of your party, and remember to bring trash bags in which to dispose of materials. You can even bring a trash can to make it easy for your guests to remember their responsibilities.

Excited to plan a beach party of your own, or even simply bask in the sun with a friend or two? Give us a call to learn more about our special November rates at our hotel near Clearwater Beach.

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