Treasure Island, Florida Has Been Rated in the Top 25 Beaches in the United States

Treasure Island, Florida’s Treasure Island Beach has officially been rated among the top 25 beaches to visit in the U.S by Tripadvisor. This location has it all with its gorgeous crystal blue water, white sand beaches, and tons of local attractions. These are just a few of the reasons why Treasure Island is the ultimate vacation spot!

Local Hotels and Restaurants

Treasure Island features a wide variety of places to stay, with something to fit everyone. From luxury resorts, small, privately owned hotels, to small inns and bed and breakfasts, no matter what kind of accommodation you are looking for, you’ll find it here! Also, there are also plenty of restaurants and other businesses along the shoreline of Treasure Island. This offers plenty of options to get a delicious meal after spending a day at the beach.

Sanding Ovations

One of Treasure Island’s biggest attractions is Sanding Ovations, the largest master sand sculpture competition in the United States. Artists from around the world travel to Treasure Island, Florida to create beautiful works of art using nothing but the white sand of Treasure Island. This event also includes a beach food court, arts and crafts market, and three days of live entertainment. Sanding Ovations is a great reason to visit Treasure Island!

Island Ferry

Hop on the Island Ferry and take a tour around the island. These tours include getting to see dolphins up close and personal, along with other wildlife, like manatees and sea turtles. You can also go snorkeling, visit the Shell Key area. Or take a tour at sunset and just soak in the stunning view. The Island Ferry has something for everyone!

Water Sports

Water sport enthusiasts of all kinds flock to Treasure Island and all it has to offer. Enjoy kayaking, parasailing, windsurfing, and fishing or you can even go scuba diving and swim with the fish and wildlife of the island. The opportunities for fun in the water are endless!

Clearly, Treasure Island has ranked in the top 25 beaches in the United States for a reason. These are just a few of the wonderful attractions it has to offer visitors. If you are looking to book your next vacation, why not check out Treasure Island, Florida? Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel is a small privately-owned hotel which offers the perfect place for you and your family to stay. Learn more about what we have to offer here!