The day has come and you are about to walk out the door to begin your vacation in Florida’s beautiful Treasure Island and suddenly your nerves start to get the best of you. While you know you packed everything that you need, in the back of your head you cannot help but think something slipped your mind. Everyone knows the feeling and often it is completely unwarranted, but there is little you can do to avoid it. At The Page Terrace, we always hear stories about the various things our vacationers forgot to pack. To help you put an end to any pre-departure nerves, we have put together a list of things to bring so you enjoy your stay at any of the hotels near Clearwater.

Clothing: When packing, make sure most of your clothes are lightweight and breathable to keep you comfortable throughout the day. If you are visiting us during the “colder” months, consider bringing a sweatshirt and jeans. Since we live a laidback life in Florida, you do not need to bring any formal attire, unless you plan on going to a fancy dinner in Tampa. You will want to avoid bringing clothing made from delicate materials, such as silk, as the salt area can ruin them.

Beach: You should bring at least one bathing suit to wear at our pool and one to switch into for the beach. Along with a towel and sandals, be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen as the sun is stronger since you are closer to the equator. You may also want to bring aloe for when the sun gets the best of you.

Accessories: You weren’t here unless you have pictures to prove it, so make sure you packed your camera and plenty of memory cards and batteries. Since you will likely spend much of your time relaxing on the beach, bring a good book and a music player. If you bring any electronics, consider buying an air tight bag as our air has a high concentration of salt that is notorious for damaging electronics.

By keeping these three key areas in mind when packing, you will not have to worry about missing your flight because you were busy double and triple checking your luggage. If you do forget anything while staying at The Page Terrace or any of the other hotels near Clearwater Beach, the front desk can always direct you to the best places to buy the items you forgot.