If you’ve been busy this summer and didn’t get a chance to get down to the shore for a vacation, don’t think that you’ve missed your chance! Fall, especially September, is an excellent time to treat yourself and book your stay at our beachfront hotel in Treasure Island, FL. Think the beach is only for June through August? Here are three of the top reasons why travelers love to visit Florida in September!


  • Less competition. Not surprisingly, summer is the most popular time to visit the beach- that means that everything from dinner reservations to parking spaces will be more difficult to find. Visiting the beach during the fall means less competing with other visitors- which also means that you will be able to book that perfect oceanfront room in Tampa at a discount.


  • Milder weather. Did you know that the average high in Florida during August is 91 degrees? That’s pretty hot! Contrary to popular belief, the weather in the Fall is still very warm- an average high of 80 degrees in Tampa. In fact, this time of year has become popular with senior couples because the weather is considered much more tolerable. And it’s still warm enough to swim in the ocean. With an average sea temperature of 84 degrees, you’ll be able to dive and work on your tan!


  • Fewer families. Not bringing the children along with you? Fall has become a popular time of year for young couples and seniors to visit the beach because the kids have gone back to school back at home. This means that restaurants, cinemas, concert venues and other types of entertainment start to orient their programming and menus to appeal to an older audience. If you’re trying to avoid seeing The Wiggles live and existing on chicken fingers all week, consider heading to the Sunshine State in the fall this year!


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