While we wish absolutely everyone could come down to Treasure Island to experience a tropical (or at least much warmer) Christmas for themselves, we know that’s simply not possible. But for those who could do without snowy conditions, there’s an alternative: throw a July in Christmas Party!

Everyone’s heard of Christmas in July, but July in Christmas takes this idea and flips it on its head, helping us fight the winter blues and find a reason to crank up the heat. If you’d be interested in throwing a “Christmas on the Beach”-themed party, try out the cool ideas we’ve gathered below, sure to please your guests!

Hawai’ian Gingerbread Men Cookies and Tiki Huts

Delicious AND decorative, just like their winter counterparts, gingerbread men and women outfitted in Hawai’ian shirts, coconut bikinis, and grass skirts are a funny take on a Christmas original. Take it a step further by making gingerbread huts, palm trees, surf boards, and whatever else reminds you of warmer times.

Festive Drinks


Sangria, anyone? While we love eggnog and mulled wine, their counterparts – sangria, pina coladas, and margaritas – are also a great way to get toasty any time of the year.  While mixers are an easy way to make these drinks (and also provide for a non-alcoholic alternative, for those who opt not to drink), making them at home can be a fun experiment; try this creative Sangria recipe from Emeril Lagasse, and feel free to add or remove ingredients according to taste.

Tropical-Themed Trees



Many people are firmly attached to the smell and visual appeal of a pine tree at Christmas, and we don’t blame them – so split the difference for your July in Christmas party by decorating the tree with any number of different tropical-themed decorations. Leis, seashells, drink umbrellas, sand dollars, paper lanterns all make great alternatives to the usual Christmas baubles.

Scent Appeal

What reminds you of summer? Is it the smell of the sea, fresh laundry, flowers, coconut? There’s many summery scents out there from affordable candle and air freshener providers, such as the Yankee Candle Store, and changing the scent of a room can do wonders when it comes to creating a specific ambiance. There are also higher-end candles and scents that can replicate practically any smell you want, from a roasting luau pig to barbeque.

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