Everyone loves spending a day at the beach…until they realize that they’ve brought it back to the hotel with them! If you’re sick of finding sand in your shorts days after you’ve left the beach hotels in Treasure Islands, FL behind, use our tips for getting sand out of the most common places this spring and summer.

  • Your hair. After you return from a successful day at the beach, make sure you give your hair a good shake before you start to brush. This will dislodge any sand that’s trapped without pushing it closer to your roots. To get rid of the remaining sand, use a fine-toothed comb in the shower and scrub hard with shampoo. Don’t be afraid to shampoo multiple times until the job is finished.
  • Your phone. Even a tiny bit of sand can cause large amounts of damage to your cell phone. You should keep your phone in a sealed Ziplock bag while you’re relaxing in the sand—but if you do get sand in your phone, act fast with a can of compressed air to save your device.
  • Your eyes. Children’s first instinct is to rub their eyes when they get sand in them, but this can damage or scratch the outermost layer of the eye. Instead, carefully flush a child’s eyes (or your own) with eye drops or distilled water until the sand is dislodged.
  • Your body. No matter how many showers you take, it can feel impossible to truly get all of the sand out of your knees, elbows, and other crevices. To finally feel clean again, rub baby powder on wet or dry skin—and watch the sand melt away!

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