If you’re traveling to the beach with your child, you’re probably ready to relax in the sun and sand! However, if this is your child’s first trip to the ocean, be sure to take some precautions preparing them for what to expect. Together, you can have a happy, fun and safe summer!

● Teach water safety. If you’ve booked a hotel near Clearwater Beach, your child will probably be thrilled and excited by the sight of the ocean and want to dive right into the water. Children who experience the ocean for the first time often think that it will be the same as swimming in a small pool, and are in danger of being knocked over by waves or rip currents. Use age-appropriate swimming gear like goggles, inner tubes and water wings and explain to your child that the water in the ocean can be a little rougher than at your local family pool.

● Let them help pack. As a parent, it’s easy to get wrapped up in doing all the work for vacations, after all, you’ve searched for Clearwater Hotels near the beach, done all your research and gotten the car ready, so you’re probably ready to collapse on a beach chair! Letting your child help pack their favorite clothing and pick out sand toys at the store can help get your child excited about their first trip to the beach!

● Start sunscreen early. Most children hate the feeling of sunscreen and get fidgety and annoyed when having it applied. To speed up the process when you get to the beach, get your child in the habit of having sunscreen applied every day in the summer before going out to play. By applying sunscreen early, you’ll prevent more burns, and get out the door faster at the beach.

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