There is no shortage of entertainment for guests who stay at our Florida beach front hotel. We are a short ride from amusement parks, live music, and professional sports. With preseason football underway, we thought it’d be nice to break down the three teams that reside in Florida…


The Dolphins are always the team that “is about to break out this year.” Year after year they compile a mix of young skill players and veteran talent and just can’t seem to put it together. The most notable players they lost to free agency this offseason include DE Olivier Vernon (to the Giants), RB Lamar Miller (to the Texans), and WR Rishard Matthews (to the Titans). Their relevant free agent signings include DE Mario Williams and RB Arian Foster.

Below you will see some of the games from their upcoming 2016 schedule. One of their inner-division rivals, the New England Patriots, appear as both a tough matchup and a winnable game for one reason: Tom Brady. The Dolphins are lucky enough to face the Patriots in Week 2 (the second week Brady will miss due to his four-game suspension). Unfortunately for the ‘Phins, Tom will be back in Week 17, and chances are the Patriots will make a statement on the final regular season game of the year.

Dolphins Win-Loss Prediction: 7-9

Conclusion: This will not be the year that Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins turn things around.

Toughest Matchups:

  • Week 1 @ Seattle
  • Week 4 @ Cincinnati
  • Week 14 vs. Arizona
  • Week 17 vs. New England

Winnable Games:

  • Week 2 @ New England
  • Week 3 vs. Cleveland
  • Week 5 vs. Tennessee
  • Week 12 vs. San Francisco



Although the Jags only won five games in 2015, their aggressive offseason in 2016 combined with a year of growth from their young core leaves nothing but positive thoughts in our heads. The team brought in Chris Ivory to compliment TJ Yeldon and also signed Prince Amukamara and Malik Johnson to help on on Defense.

Last year, their young franchise QB Blake Bortles finished 7th in the league in total passing yards and tied for 2nd in total passing touchdowns. A big reason for Blake’s success was his 22-year old breakout WR Allen Robinson. Allen Robinson finished 2015 with the 6th most receiving yards (1,400) and tied for 1st in receiving TDs (14).

Jaguars Win-Loss Prediction: 10-6

Conclusion – The Jaguars are poised for a big year. Their defense is growing, but their offense should be hard to deal with. Anything less than double-digit wins would be a disappointment.

Toughest Matchups:

  • Week 1 vs. Green Bay
  • Week 4 vs. Indianapolis
  • Week 15 @ Houston

Winnable Games:

  • Week 3 vs. Baltimore
  • Week 14 vs. Minnesota
  • Week 16 vs. Tennessee


(EverBank Field – Home of the Jacksonville Jaguars – Image Source)



Out of all of the professional teams in TB (just one) the Bucs are definitely going to be the best. That’s as optimistic as we can get in 2016, but since they are not too far from Page Terrace Beach Hotel, they will be a viable form of entertainment for our guests.

They signed CB Brent Grimes, which will help a defense that needs significant assistance. QB Jameis Winston and WR Mike Evans are bound to continue their incline, but it might not be enough to surpass the Saints, Falcons or the Panthers in the NFC South. If you find yourself at a game and need somewhere to stay, Page Terrace is one of the best beach hotels near Tampa, FL.

Buccaneers Win-Loss Prediction: 5-11

Conclusion: If you go to a Bucs game, take advantage of their awesome family-friendly activities, delicious foods, and thirst-quenching beverages. The game itself may not be a close one, which gives you more time to explore the other amenities around. If you want to see the Bucs win, Week 3 is your best chance. (Sorry, Rams.)

Toughest Matchups:

  • Week 2 @ Arizona
  • Week 5 @ Carolina
  • Week 11 @ Kansas City
  • Week 16 @ New Orleans

Winnable Games:

  • Week 3 vs. Los Angeles
  • Week 7 @ San Francisco
  • Week 10 vs. Chicago


While we are hoping all three of our Florida teams have a BIG year, we tried to keep it as real as possible. Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel believes in straightforward pricing and high-quality customer service. We pride ourself on being one of the best hotels near Clearwater Beach. Learn more by calling 800-519-0853 today!

We are ready for some football… ARE YOU?!