5 Tips for Easier Winter Travel

You’ve packed up your bags, you’ve booked your gulf coast hotel in Treasure Island, FL, and you’re ready to escape the snow and dip your toes into the sand! Unfortunately, as many winter travelers have learned, flight delays and cancellations can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. Use these 5 tips to survive inclement weather and make it to your winter getaway on-schedule.

  • Connect through a warmer destination. If you haven’t booked your flight yet, try to avoid flights with layovers in destinations likely to receive a large amount of snow, like New York or Chicago. If you have already booked, call your airline of choice and ask if you can transfer to a flight with a layover in a destination less likely to see snow — Phoenix or Charleston, anyone?
  • Arrive early. If snow is in the forecast for your flight day, arrive at the airport as early as possible. If your flight is canceled early, you’ll be more likely to score a seat on a later flight if you are already at the gate.
  • Sign up for delay alerts. Sign up for flight delay and cancellation alerts from FlightAware.com. Their alerts are usually faster and more reliable than the airline’s individual cancellation notices.
  • Keep a cool head. Traveling is frustrating — and if things aren’t going your way, it can be easy to lose your temper. Know that gate agents, flight attendants, and other members of airline staff are not responsible for the delay and taking your frustrations out on them can result in you being removed from the airport or your ticket being revoked. If you’re feeling out of control of your emotions, go for a long walk through the airport and take a few deep breaths before speaking with staff.
  • Consider a one-day lounge pass. If your flight is severely delayed, consider splurging for a one-day airline lounge pass. Passes range from $55-75 per person and can offer you a much more relaxing area to wait in if you have a few hours to kill.

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