A trip to Disney World is fun and memorable for both kids and adults alike. Unfortunately, visiting the so-called Happiest Place on Earth can also take a major toll on your vacation fund. Use these budget-friendly tips to make the most out of your Disney vacation — and save a little more of your cash for souvenirs!  

  • Bring along refillable water bottles. Orlando can get pretty hot during the summer months. Bring along a refillable water bottle for everyone in your family and avoid paying for expensive drinks at the parks.
  • Sign up for Disney’s newsletters. Before your trip, sign up for Disney’s email alerts. It’s free to join, and you’ll get access to exclusive discounts on restaurants, passes, souvenir shops and more!
  • Bring your own stroller. If possible, bring a stroller from home to save while at the parks. If you can’t bring a stroller yourself, consider renting one from a third party company like Magic Strollers. It’s cheaper than renting them at the park.
  • Devote a day to non-park activities. Disney is great but there’s also plenty more to do in Florida! Take a day to check out the beach, Disney Spring, or even just lounge by the pool at your Treasure Island, FL, beach hotel!
  • Stay off-site. Disney-themed hotels are thrilling, but very expensive. Staying offsite can save you a ton of money, especially if you have a large family who needs a bigger suite. Plus, staying off-site can give you access to other unique benefits — for example, the Page Terrace’s Treasure Island, FL, beachfront hotel is just a quick ride away from the park and gives you direct access to the beautiful shore.

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