There are few things quite as magical for a toddler as seeing the beach for the first time. The motion of the waves, the feelings of sand in their toes, and the sensation of the cool water are all simple pleasures to adults—but they can also be magical memories for young children.

However, a visit to the beach can also quickly turn stressful and even dangerous when you have a curious child in tow. Use these five essential tips to take your little one to the beach the right way!  

  • Put on sunscreen before you put on bathing suits. It’s much easier to lather on sunscreen and let it dry before you put your child’s swimsuit on. Apply sunscreen, wait five minutes, put on suits, then head out!
  • Stay closer to the shore. Every parent knows the struggle of making a long drive with a toddler. Choose a hotel closer to the beach, like the Page Terrace’s gulf front motel in St. Petersburg.
  • Invest in a water diaper. Reusable waterproof diapers aren’t just better for the environment—they also make trips to the beach much more comfortable for your little one. Buy a pack before you arrive at the beach to save money.
  • Make a plan for shade. Don’t count on there being shade available at the beach when you arrive. Bring along a tent or umbrella, and remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours to prevent burning and peeling.
  • Don’t bring a ton of toys. The more toys you bring along to the beach, the higher the probability that a favorite gets broken, lost, or left behind. Allow your toddler to choose two or three of his or her sand favorites—and leave the rest where they’re safe in the hotel.

Are you getting ready for a summer full of sandy fun? There are still rooms available at the Page Terrace’s affordable Gulf Coast hotel in Clearwater! Give us a call today to reserve your space!