Your vacation has arrived, you’ve booked the perfect gulf front motel in St. Petersburg, and you’re finally packed up and ready to enjoy some fun in the sun…but all the kids want to do all day is play on their phones or watch tv. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, don’t feel like your parenting skills are to blame — many parents report that their children seem to be showing symptoms of summertime laziness, even on vacation. Traveling as a family can make for some unforgettable memories, but if the kids seem to be more interested in lying around than seeing the sights, your vacation may be wasted. Here are a few ways you can encourage your kids to get more involved during your next vacation!

  • Involve them in the planning process. Kids love to explore new places, and their sense of creativity is often far more developed than that of their grown-up counterparts. Allow your school-aged children and teenagers to use the internet to research your destination and choose a special activity they want to see. Younger children can be provided with choices (“When we’re at the beach, would you rather go to the zoo or the boardwalk first?”) that will make them feel more grown-up and involved in the plans ahead.
  • Have a mini cultural lesson. Going abroad? A fun way to help get your little ones excited for the trip is to introduce them to the culture ahead of time. Tasting some foreign food or having a quick language lesson (even toddlers can learn how to say “hello” and “thank you” in a foreign language) can help build anticipation and excitement for your voyage.  
  • Prepare little ones ahead of time. Children, especially younger children, often have a very difficult time adjusting to change — even if you’re just switching up the scenery for a weekend. Telling children ahead of time that your vacation will involve lots of standing in line or sunscreen will help them feel safer and more comfortable when you arrive.
  • Keep your expectations realistic. No matter where in the world you go, kids will still be kids — it’s unreasonable to expect a toddler to act like a mini-adult just because you’re out of town. Scheduling in time for naps and relaxation will lessen the possibility of a meltdown on vacation!

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