If you are staying at our Treasure Island (FL) beachfront hotel, that means you are near tons of awesome attractions. Today we will focus on one of the best zoos in the country – Tampa’s own  Lowry Park Zoo.

Here are four reasons that the LPZ should be on your itinerary this fall:

Special Events – This October, the Lowry Park Zoo will be hosting its Creatures of the Night event. This Halloween-themed extravaganza has activities for the entire family. Kids, teens, and adults can test themselves in different scare zones and can even experience animals at night. There will also be a ghoulish dance party that will be tons of fun for everyone!

*Zoo Members will have FREE, unlimited access to Creatures of the Night on Friday and Saturday nights Oct. 7 – Oct. 29. This event ends at 10 PM.

In December the Zoo will be throwing a Christmas in the Wild event that will be featuring festive lights, delicious food, amazing animals, live entertainment, and Christmas carolers! Another epic holiday event is the Feast with the Beasts night, which will be held for the first time ever in 2017.

Incredible Amphibians & Fish – The zoo’s passion for their clients and animals is obvious. Their fish collection for the fall is featuring a variety of stingrays including cownose stingrays and yellow stingrays. Frogs will be featured in the amphibian section. This includes ornate horned frogs, African bullfrogs, and Panamanian golden frogs. These slimy jumpers are a favorite for children ages 3-13!

Unique Mammals – Now we’re talking! The Lowry Park Zoo’s specialty… Their mammal exhibit is vast. Full of intriguing beasts from all over.

Some of our favorite mammals to see include:

  • Chimpanzees
  • Rhinos
  • Giraffes
  • Elephants
  • Black Bears
  • Anoas
  • Malayan Flying Foxes
  • Lemurs
  • And many more!

Fantastic Reptiles & Birds – LPZ’s reptile section features tortoises, alligators, rattlesnakes, Komodo dragons, crocodiles, and tons of other scaly creatures. Their bird exhibits include penguins, storks, emus, cockatoos, pelicans flamingos, eagles, parrots, and plenty other interesting high-fliers.

Pretty cool, right?! Our beachfront motel located in Treasure Island, FL, is only minutes away. So they next time you are in the Tampa area, give us a call, and we will hook you up with a roaring rate (that’s a good thing!)

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