If you and your family are planning on making beachfront accommodations near Tampa this summer, chances are that you plan on spending some time soaking up the sun on the beach! Before you get out the lawn chair and towels and claim your spot, remember to apply plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin from burns and long-term complications.


Read on to learn three surprising facts about sunscreen that every beachgoer should know this summer!


  • You’re probably not using enough sunscreen. Sunscreen’s thick and goopy consistency often causes consumers to believe that they’re using more than they actually are. Instead of relying on feel to let you know if you’re protected, make sure you’re using about an ounce of sunscreen every two hours. This is about the amount contained in a shot glass, so you may go through half a bottle of sunscreen during a long day on the beach.


  • There’s no such thing as a waterproof sunscreen. Did you know that the FDA does not allow sunscreen manufacturers to market their products as “waterproof?” That’s because there is no such thing as a totally waterproof sunscreen. Using “water-resistant” and “sweatproof” sunscreens can help maximize your resistance during a day at the beach, but make sure you’re still reapplying every two hours to stay protected.


  • Yes, sunscreen can expire. Be mindful of the dates on your bottle of sun protection! Sunscreen typically lasts about two years after the date it’s manufactured if you’ve left it unopened. As soon as it’s been used, you’ll notice that time will cause the sunscreen to oxidize and change color and consistency. The oxidation process comes with a lowered SPF, so make sure you crack open a new bottle once you notice your sunscreen coming out clumpy or with a slight orange tint.


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