Are you headed to the beach this summer? Make sure to bring home a unique souvenir to remember all the fantastic memories you’ve made! Souvenirs are a great way to make going back to work or school a little bit easier, but it can be a little bit difficult to decide what the best thing to bring home from the beach is. Having trouble making a choice? Here are three great ideas for what you can take home from the shops near your hotel near Clearwater Beach!

● A real sea sponge. One of the great things about vacationing at the beach in Florida is that there are plenty of shops selling natural sponges, one of the few pieces of nature that you are encouraged to take home with you! Florida has a long history involving the sponge industry, and many centuries-old sponge companies are still family owned and operated to this very day! Hotels near Clearwater Beach FL will be able to direct you the nearest store selling sea sponges in all sizes!

● A citrus gift box. Did you know that Florida isn’t just famous for its oranges? The Sunshine State is a massive heavyweight in the citrus industry at large, and some of the most juicy and flavorful grapefruits, lemons, and navel oranges come from this part of the United States. The best part is that when you buy in Florida, you can practically guarantee that the fruits were harvested at the peak of freshness, as it makes little economic sense to freeze or pack them. Higher-end souvenir stores sell citrus gift boxes, which make the perfect treat for a foodie back home!

● A shark picture frame. If you’re looking for something quirky to work into your home decor, there’s nothing more fun than a shark photo frame. Take a snapshot of your family, and stick it in the shark’s mouth to save forever- double points if you break out your acting skills and look like the shark is actually about to eat you!

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