Well, this is exciting. You’re getting married soon, so naturally having the perfect wedding is the most important thing on your mind at the moment. But, just what is a “perfect wedding” anyway? That depends on who you ask, so answer these questions for yourself:

Does it involve a warm, sunny day? Maybe the sand between your toes? Sipping champagne on the beach? Lifting up that gown to dip your feet in the water? All followed by a plethora of relaxing and exciting activities just walking distance from your hotel?

If you answered “yes, yes, yes, yes” and “yes” to those questions, then we have a recommendation: host your wedding on Florida’s Gulf Coast!

And when you do, you’ll want to consider which hotels near Clearwater, FL make the most sense; but, that choice will be easy because you can stay at Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel, of course! The tougher part will be planning for the ceremony itself, but have no fear because we’ve come up with some tips to help make the process go seamlessly and swimmingly.


  • June is the best month to have a wedding on Treasure Island, but many folks have them here all year round. May-October is the peak wedding season, so consider that if you want yours to take place during that time, and make sure to book well in advance.
  • If you’re getting married directly on the beach, you’ll need a permit. It should be filed at least 60 days in advance (but try to get it in well before then), and will cost a non-refundable $25 fee. Get in touch with the Treasure Island Recreation Department to make necessary arrangements.
  • Hire a local wedding planner to help make sure the process goes smoothly. Especially if you don’t live in the area. There are many phenomenal businesses around Treasure Island that can assist you in planning and photographing your perfect beach wedding!
  • Get inspired. Go on Pinterest or a similar site and look at how others’ beach weddings went. What were they wearing? What was the décor like? What looks like it worked, and what didn’t—specific to having it on the beach? There’s loads of information on the internet for you to absorb, so get on there and see what a successful beach wedding looks like, and figure out how you’ll mimic it.
  • Consider having it somewhere other than the beach. For a more traditional wedding, there are many different places of worship in the area. Otherwise, have it at banquet venue. If you’re especially adventurous, hold the ceremony and reception on a private dinner cruise charter! All of these alternate facilities are available near Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel.

These tips should help you get started with planning your Treasure Island wedding this year and get you excited for what’s to come! Yes, there’s a lot left to do, but the work will be worth it, and at least we have you covered for hotels near Clearwater Beach. The rest will fall into place, and your big, perfect day will be here in no time.

Can’t you taste the champagne already?