Treasure Island recently took a major step forward in protecting its beloved beaches. Judge Pamela Campbell has ruled in favor of the lawsuit filed by our hotel and two other local hotels. This win serves to prevent the beach and the natural dunes from the potential damage of cars. While a Florida state law has prohibited driving on beaches since 1980, there was a provision enabling beaches that previously allowed the practice to continue doing so. The order will permit law enforcement, emergency and maintenance vehicles to drive on the beach when necessary.

Now when you stay at our hotel or any of the other hotels near Tampa, your view of the beach will no longer be crowded with a plethora of vehicles. Our victory will not only improve your view, but it will also guarantee the beautiful beaches that we have all grown to love will be around for years to come. We are now working with the city to find ways to keep all our favorite events in town while providing attendees with options for parking off the beach.

The passing of this order will not affect the occurrence of our city’s famous events, such as the upcoming Sanding Ovations, but many lead to moving them off the beach. The sculptors of the events will greatly benefit from prohibition of vehicles from the sand they use to make their stunning sculptures. Some events have already taken into consideration the need to protect our beaches and have moved to nearby parks.

While some store owners fear this ordinance will cause travelers to gravitate away from Treasure Island and instead choose to stay at hotels near Tampa, FL, the hotel owners are thrilled to have won the case. By ensuring cars are not polluting our sand, we have ensured the beach will remain a pristine attraction and continue to draw in thousands of visitors every year.

Hopefully, our victory motivates other Florida towns that currently allow driving on the beach to follow suit and join the cause to prevent further damage to our picturesque beaches. At the very least, our win has ensured that you and your family will be able to enjoy Treasure Island’s beautiful sand for generations.