Ah, there’s nothing like a relaxing day at the beach. All the senses are appealed to. The sound of the waves crashing ashore, the smell of that fresh ocean air, the surrounding scenery, the feeling of that warm water against your feet, the taste of that sandwich with a little bit of sand on the bread…


OK, maybe not the last one, but either way, a day at the beach is always serene!


But let’s get real. After a while, when you wake up from that nap or finish a chapter of your book, it’ll be about time to liven things up a little bit. Cue the beach games! Sure, volleyball and frisbee are always fun, but there’s more to life than those timeless classics.


Here are some of our favorite unique beach games. We’ll see you out there playing them when you’re staying at our Treasure Island hotel in FL this summer!



Cornhole is becoming an increasingly more popular game these days (and for good reasons, because it’s addictively fun), but in case you don’t know how to play:


  • This is a two or four player game.
  • You’ll need two cornhole boards that look like this, and four bean bags for each team
  • Set them up directly across from each other, about 25 feet apart.
  • Stand next to your respective board, and take turns throwing bean bags (one at a time) at the opposing board. Go back and forth until all eight bags have been thrown.
  • A bag that lands on the board is worth one point. A bag that goes through the hole is worth three points.
  • First to 21 wins!


Disc Cricket

Disc Cricket is known by many names, including fricket, sticks ‘n cups, flimsee, flick ‘n sticks and more. Whatever you refer to it as, you’ll undoubtedly have a grand old time when you’re playing. You can easily adjust the point system depending on preference, but the basic rules go as follows:


  • Four players, four cups and one or two frisbees are required.
  • Place 4 poles in the sand (two on each side).
  • Place the four cups upside down on top of each pole.
  • Stand behind the pole you’re defending, and next to your teammate.
  • Take turns throwing a frisbee at the opposing pole and try to knock the cup off.
  • If you succeed, and the defenders don’t catch the cup, you get three points.
  • If you succeed, but the defenders catch the cup, you get one point.
  • First team to 21 wins!


Life Sized Water Pong

Also known as beer pong, this life-sized version will make for hours of fun during a day on the beach. Play using the same rules as water pong, except instead of plastic cups, a table and ping pong balls, use beach buckets and volleyballs!


This summer when you’re at your favorite beachfront hotel in Treasure Island, FL, spend at least one of your afternoons playing an exciting beach game! We’ll see out there on the sand wearing your best game face.