Heading to the beach during a time other than summer has a number of rewards, including lower rates on hotels and less crowding at attractions. However, it can be difficult to keep school children up-to-date on their studies during a vacation that takes place during the academic year.


If you’re planning on taking a trip to the beach and making reservations at our hotel on the beach near Tampa during the upcoming spring season, use these tips to keep your student on-track when you return!


  • Plan well in advance. Teachers and administrators will be able to help you much more easily if you give them plenty of notice before your vacation. Call your child’s school to inform them of your upcoming plans a few months in advance, if possible.


  • Look at your school’s policy. Most schools have a policy that limits when and for how long you may take your child out of school. Be sure to review your school’s vacation policy before you plan your trip.


  • Request a school calendar. You’ll want to keep your child in class for important dates, like midterms and final exams. Contact the office of your child’s school and request a calendar of important dates and events so you can more effectively plan around them.


  • Send your child’s teacher an email. Your child’s teacher is employed to help your child achieve his or her full potential, and they understand that sometimes this means taking time out of class. Send your teacher an email well ahead of time letting them know your plans. Many teachers will be more than happy to create a lesson outline for your child to work on when traveling or when resting on vacation.


  • Suggest an alternative. Many teachers support learning outside of the classroom and may be accommodating to alternative assignments to supplement missed class work. For example, if your child is going to miss a speech in history class, consider asking the teacher if he or she can make it up by writing a special report on the history of the town that you are visiting.


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