Most parents know that they “shouldn’t” take their children out of school except for emergencies and doctor’s appointments, and that they should save their vacations for summer. Unfortunately, in the world outside of academia, jobs, familial commitments, and other circumstances can make traveling in the summer impossible. With a few precautions, taking your little ones out of school to enjoy the pool, sand, and your Treasure Island, FL beach hotel can be done easily. Before you plan your trip, use these four quick tips.

  • Check your school’s policy. Most schools’ administrations have policies that dictate that you must schedule advance notice of any absences that will last more than one day. These policies vary by school, so check your child’s student handbook or their school’s website to learn what specific policies you’ll need to follow.
  • Contact teachers ahead of time. The more notice you give your child’s teacher about your vacation, the better. Sending your child’s teacher an email well before your child’s absence will leave the teacher time to gather assignments and worksheets that the child will miss. Make some time during your vacation for homework and quiet study. Just an hour a day spent reading can do everything to keep your child caught up with the class.
  • Suggest an alternate assignment. Will your child be absent over an important presentation or speech? Suggesting an alternate assignment that can be completed while on vacation and submitted remotely can help them get the credit they need without disturbing the teacher’s lesson plan. For example, a video essay can be suggested in lieu of a speech that was supposed to be given to the class and an extra PowerPoint presentation with annotations may be a suitable substitute for a group presentation.
  • Send kids back to class focused…and with a thank-you note. Understand that teachers work weeks (and in some cases, months) in advance making their lesson plans. If your child’s teacher has been especially cooperative, consider saying “thank-you” by sending your child back to class with a small souvenir and note for the teacher—and make sure your son or daughter is ready to go back into “school mode” when the fun ends.

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