If you’re heading to the beach soon, you may be concerned that your fitness routine is going to suffer because of your break from the gym. Vacations are all about taking time to relax, but it’s important to do whatever you can to keep your workouts up-to-date, especially if you’re training for a big event like a marathon or Ironman competition.

If your hotel near Clearwater Beach, FL doesn’t have a fitness center, here are three ways you can get your heart pumping while visiting the shore.

  • Jogging on the beach. Did you know that many long-distance runners train for their events by running on the beach? It’s true! Running, sprinting or jogging on the beach is a more challenging way to run because you are facing the resistance from the sand. The sand is also excellent for those who are interested in running but who are prone to shin splints because the sand provides a cushion that makes your strides less painful on your joints. Try adding some beach jogging to your vacation workout routine!
  • Underwater rock running. If you’re looking to try a new and challenging workout, underwater rock running is for you. This ancient Hawaiian way to workout involves carrying a large, heavy object, and running as fast as you can with your body submerged at least up to your clavicle in the water. This is a pretty tough way to work out, so don’t overexert yourself and strain your muscles!
  • Hotel room workouts. You don’t need a fitness center or gym to get your vacation workout in. You can work out right in your hotel or motel in Beach Treasure Island! Try doing rotations of jumping jacks, crunches and pushups to get a full body workout right in your hotel room.

Before you head out on your vacation, take the time to plan out how you’ll get your workout in while you’re away. This will help you to stress less and enjoy more of your time at the beach. Contact our staff at Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel to book your stay or learn more.