If you’ve only been visiting the Treasure Island area to spend time in the sun and on the beach, you might be missing out on an amazing new adventure!

Before you wait to book your hotel or motel on the beach in Treasure Island for the summer season, make a plan to visit one or more of these famous and fabulous museums. Visiting these three museums would make a great day trip!

  • The Dali Museum. If you or someone in your family loves art, they’ll be in for a treat at the Dali Museum, which offers a complete tribute to Salvador Dali. See a classic favorite like Catalan Bread in the flesh or treat yourself to a free audio tour to learn more about one of the world’s legendary artistic minds.


  • The Museum of Motherhood. Even if you’re a mother yourself, you may be surprised at everything you don’t know about one of the world’s most difficult jobs! The Museum of Motherhood allows visitors to learn everything from famous mothers throughout history to a child-friendly exhibit about the importance of mothers. The gallery features a “pregnancy simulation” exhibit so that men can gain a new appreciation for a mom in their life!


  • Imagine Museum. The Imagine Museum is perfect for the abstract art lover in your life. Offering one of the world’s most comprehensive dedications to blown glass and glass molding, dreamlike glass sculptures and beautifully colored feature exhibits will take your appreciation of glass to new heights.

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